Frequently Asked Questions

KP Scholars is funded by schools, foster care agencies and other youth serving organizations to provide academic, social and professional development services to youth generally as an after-school program. MIC is funded directly by parents / guardians to provide their children with a weekend program that generally meets twice a month. The goals of each program remain the same—to help prepare youth for the 21st century workforce and independent living.
MIC is an application-based program where students are selected based upon need and a commitment between the children’s parents / guardians and the MIC program. Parents and potential students participate in an interview process as part of the selection process. Those families that are selected for the program enter into a contractual relationship with MIC for a program year.
Students in the MIC program attend onsite attend sessions two-four times per month and stay connected to their mentors through our eLearning platform. Workshops range in duration from 2-6 hours and provide students with academic, social and professional development.
The initial cohort will be based in Washington, DC metropolitan area and will meet at Digital Network Group headquarters in Largo, Md.
The cost of the MIC program is dependent upon the number of contact hours provided for each student’s unique program. Generally, program costs for participants range from $150 - $250 per month and each participant must make a 1-year commitment to the program.
Transportation to the program office is the responsibility of the parents / guardians.
Each quarter students have the opportunity to earn a field trip based upon their collective performance in the program. Field trips are group outings to basketball games, bowling, six flags and other activities that are voted on by the entire group. Students also earn individual incentives based upon their attendance, participation and meeting program expectations.
Field trips are an additional fee that are charged to parents once students earn the group incentives.
The program is designed to support students in K-12 and children and cohorts are organized by elementary school, middle school and high school.
Yes. MIC is designed as a support mechanism for parents / guardians and beyond the direct services delivered at the program site students engage with program staff through our eLearning platform and additional resources are recommended to families that help advance students to their long term career objectives.